Illuminating the Healthcare Landscape

The mission of Archway Health Advisors is to fix healthcare through payment reform. As the payor and provider worlds converge, healthcare organizations have a myriad of opportunities to manage care and risk in new ways. Archway works with providers to illuminate these opportunities and design, execute and finance the care and risk management programs that fit best with their capabilities.


Bundled Payments Activity

  • Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) Program: Currently, there are over 6,000 provider organizations across the country evaluating and preparing to participate in the CMS BPCI program. Archway is working with more than a dozen conveners and 100 providers to assist them with this process. Major evaluation and preparation activities include:
    • Analysis of Monthly Claims Data Files
    • Bundle Price Benchmarking vs Regional Best Practices
    • Bundle Selection Recommendations
    • Care Model Re-Design Support
    • Gainsharing and Preferred Provider Contracting
    • Implementation Protocol Completion
    • Risk Financing & Reinsurance
  • Commercial Bundled Payment Programs: Archway is also working with several physician groups, physician hospital organizations, and health plans to develop bundled payment programs in the commercial market. Provider organizations can define how they can best create and capture value in the shifting healthcare marketplace by being proactive. Archway’s activities in the commercial bundled payment sector include:
    • Inpatient & Outpatient Bundle Definitions
    • Detailed Claims Data Analytics
    • Bundle Selection & Pricing
    • Payor Discussions & Negotiations
    • Ongoing Program Support & Management
    • Program Financing